Aleksandr Dugin’s ideas have no place on American right

Aleksandr Dugin has lengthy been a supply of controversy each in his homeland of Russia and all through the West. Though he appears extra like Rasputin than Halford Mackinder, it’s the latter after whom Dugin fancies himself. Over the final a number of years Dugin, who’s a political theorist and an advocate of a potent Russian ideology often called “neo-Eurasianism,” has change into a fixture in Vladimir Putin’s regime. 

While it could sound like a planet within the latest incarnation of Star Trek, neo-Eurasianism is a harmful and noxious ideology that takes probably the most harmful elements of nationalism, fuses it with quasi-fascistic concepts, is fueled by conventional ideas of Russian autocracy in addition to militarism, masks these notions behind a skinny veneer of Russian mysticism for home consumption together with superficial anti-globalism to achieve overseas help – notably from a loud however in the end small component of the American proper – and is shrouded behind an virtually impenetrable layer of Marxist dialectic.

As Dostoyevsky as soon as noticed of the Russian soul, neo-Eurasianism is a “dark place.”

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