73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread

I hope that everybody agrees that not vaccinating your youngster is an sick manner of parenting. Other parenting traits like letting youngsters do no matter they need and run amok like there’s no tomorrow are additionally questionable. But the subject material is delicate, since we additionally wish to imagine that for probably the most half, mother and father know what’s finest for his or her youngsters. Or do they?

Well, these two threads from Ask Reddit will shed some gentle on widespread parenting kinds that aren’t essentially wholesome. In reality, individuals declare they’re every little thing however. “What is the worst parenting trend to date?” somebody requested some time in the past, and only recently an identical query popped up: “What parenting ‘development’ do you strongly disagree with?

Below we chosen some thought-provoking arguments individuals shared in response to the questions. Also, tell us what parenting development you don’t agree with within the feedback under!

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Y’all want to chop this anti-vaccination s**t out like proper now. Vaccines save lives.

Cullen_Bohanon Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Unschooling. I agree that youngsters ought to have some form of say in what they be taught – in case your child is de facto keen on, say, bugs, then by god you are taking them to each bug museum you’ll find and purchase all of them the bug books – BUT youngsters ought to have a primary curriculum whether or not they’re keen on it or not. I get that the majority youngsters do not like math, or historical past, or the “boring” lessons, however I strongly disagree with the unschooling angle of “my kid does not want to learn it, so I won’t make them.”

KnittinAndBitchin Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Shielding youngsters from the pure penalties of their actions. They do not be taught from their errors and the consequence worth tags are a lot increased after they turn out to be adults.

MissElphie , Allen Taylor Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Taking youth sports activities too severely.

I helped with and attended video games for years, and might rely on one hand the variety of instances I noticed a baby lose their mood. Parents misplaced it on a regular basis. More than as soon as I’ve seen a father or mother must be bodily restrained.

Scrappy_Larue , KeithJJ Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Infant circumcision. Sorry however unneeded beauty surgical procedure carried out on non consenting minors is simply silly, ineffective, and illogical.

wheatfields Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Beauty Pageants. I’ve no drawback with them it is simply that the age these mother and father make their youngsters enter and the s**t they do to attempt to win like doping them up on sugar and power drinks. Using spray tans and make-up on youngsters which are typically 1-2 years previous! And in the long run they extort their youngster for little to no financial achieve. I’ve seen mother and father neglect their different youngsters in favor of the pagent queen. And in the long run you get a spoiled brat that throws a hissy match and is disrespectful. But who cares, you spent 15k to win 5k and also you’re on TLC

SkeptikalAnus Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Ear piercing infants. That pisses me off. Let them resolve. Don’t put your vainness onto your child. ESPECIALLY with piercing weapons.

spagyrum Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread I believe these mother and father who impose a uncooked vegan weight-reduction plan on their younger youngsters – there isn’t a manner {that a} youngster can maintain itself on a uncooked vegan weight-reduction plan – you’d must be continually consuming to get the required energy.

Vegetables and fruit are very excessive in fibre – each soluble and non-soluble – so that you might be very full from comparatively few energy in contrast with even a high-protein weight-reduction plan.

Vegan generally is a wrestle if the father or mother would not do the analysis. And a uncooked weight-reduction plan might be performed as an grownup, however it will nonetheless be troublesome.

A uncooked vegan weight-reduction plan for a younger youngster is mainly youngster abuse.

unknown Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Parents by no means telling their youngsters “no” and refusing to set any boundaries.

I get empowering youngsters by giving them a voice in decision-making and the liberty to talk their minds, however common social norms can be good.

Listening to eight yr olds throw suits in public and being impolite to household and strangers (at prime quantity) shouldn’t be endearing in any manner.

DG4z , Allen Taylor Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Taking your youngsters to the pub with you on a weekend.

I’m not speaking a day lunch with a glass of wine or two. I’m speaking about youngsters being left to run amok in automotive parks and on pavements whereas mother and father sit inside and have a drink.

Look after your f**king youngsters.

unknown Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Posting intimate pics of your child throughout social media.

Now, I’ve no subject with mother and father sharing lovely child pics. Hell, I do not thoughts you guys sharing a whole lot of them. When you undergo hell and again to hold, beginning, and lift the child, you get a move on the social media sharing, considerably.

HOWEVER, sharing pics of your child within the bathtub and doing bodily features shouldn’t be okay. 1) It’s gross. I do not suppose your child’s blowout diaper or “first poopy in the toilet” is humorous or cute. I do not need that on my timeline. 2) Pedos are on the market, watch out. 3) I do know it is onerous to think about, however little Peighsyn is gonna be a giant boy sometime. In reality, he might even be on social media sooner or later. His associates (AND EMPLOYERS) are gonna see these gross vomit and poop pics. Not a good suggestion.

MaddiKate Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Not dressing your youngsters like youngsters.

Also elevating your youngsters on YouTube/Instagram/TikTook earlier than they’re sufficiently old to resolve how a lot privateness they need of their lives.

nab5the1st Report

Shielding their child from failure. There are so many individuals now which are afraid of failing, a lot so, that they do not even try one thing new if they’ve a touch that they could fail at it.

unknown Report

when ppl posts movies on-line of them punishing their youngsters. ex: “dad shaves girls head for txting boyfriend.” what within the sick hell kinda sh*t is that? and no one appears to have an issue with that or thinks about how extremely traumatic it’s going to be for that youngster. and the mother and father who do that actually make me sick. who’s that for even? what are you attempting to show by humiliating your youngster in entrance of probably hundreds of ppl or extra. ppl like this need to have their youngsters taken away. sorry not sorry.

WinterLaw4149 Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Family vloggers. Growing up in entrance of a digicam might be so damaging for a kid. Don’t even get me began on the kid labour it’s – utilizing younger youngsters to earn cash is not good parenting for my part.

littlepantato Report

Maybe not the worst, however my mother and father compelled me to play aggressive sports activities for years after I clearly hated it and I’m nonetheless slightly bitter. I used to be horrible at soccer, they even supplied me 10 bucks for each objective I scored however I nonetheless could not do it. As an grownup I nonetheless shudder slightly each time I drive by a baseball discipline, fascinated by how a lot time I wasted there and the embarrassment of sucking at one thing and getting laughed at by the opposite youngsters. This is not to say I wasn’t an athletic child, I cherished skating, driving bikes, climbing and all that. Parents – in case your child is not good at a sport, would not have any curiosity in it and clearly has no expertise for it, please do not make them do it.

sublmnl Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread I hate when mother and father get mad at me for telling off their youngsters. I work in hospitality and we have now a bowl of mints on the bar with tongs to seize them out. One night time these three youngsters, all underneath age 10 however sufficiently old to know higher, simply began diving their palms into the bowl. I advised them politely to make use of the tongs, then I advised them off after they ignored my request. The mother and father bought mad at me as an alternative of their youngsters, regardless that their youngsters simply made me throw out an entire bowl of mints. If you are incapable of disciplining your youngster correctly, do not get upset when another person does it for you.

TheCuriousAquarist Report

Not saying a phrase about sexuality and shielding youngsters from any form of affection on television or in actual life.

I can not stress sufficient how a lot this has contributed to my intense disgrace each time I masturbate and my lack of ability to be intimate. Of course it is a compounded subject for me personally however such a censored childhood was the spine for all of this ache.

OrsoExplorso Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Not letting them make errors. With many individuals, you may inform them to not do one thing as a result of ___ all you need, however they may by no means correctly get it till they really do it and ___ occurs. Forbidding your youngsters from doing something even remotely dangerous does extra hurt than good in a while.

redsteron Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Everyone is mentioning trendy traits, helicopter mother and father are unhealthy however not practically the worst.

In the ’20s psychologist John Watson mentioned to by no means hug or kiss your youngsters, he additionally was the psychologist behind the “Little Albert” experiment
There was a health care provider within the 1700s that mentioned girls’s brains had been too puny to efficiently elevate youngsters, so males ought to be in control of it.

How about giving some morphine for teething troubles or Laudanum (10% opium and 90% alcohol) to your youngsters to treatment no matter you need!

In the ’60s a pediatrician wrote that night time time feedings would flip your child right into a socialist. He additionally mentioned that you could begin your youngsters on cereal after they’re 2 days previous, and by 9 weeks previous they’d be consuming regardless of the mother and father ate.

There had been the cages that hung outdoors home windows in London to present youngsters some contemporary air.

This stuff is all within the final century or so (nicely not the ladies’s brains are too puny for elevating youngsters, however I simply thought that was humorous). We’ve made big advances in toddler mortality and kids’s well being, let’s not lose sight of that.

unknown Report

Non-parenting. That is, when individuals have youngsters however let their youngsters run wild with zero effort put into truly elevating them into purposeful members of society.

Homeschooling. Frequently it simply means non-schooling. Either the father or mother in query doesn’t have the flexibility to show, attributable to lack of schooling on their very own half, has no intention of instructing with all of it simply falling again into non-parenting, or it is a deliberate try by fundies to maintain their youngsters from getting an schooling. There are few exceptions.

Maskydoo Report

People having their youngsters keep up with them till the wee hours of the morning. By 11pm they’re cranky, fussy, and clearly drained.

Put. Your. Kids. To. Bed.

covok48 Report

I hate it when mother and father let their 6 yr previous stroll their 3 foot tall canine they usually cannot management it so it goes round licking individuals all over the place.

unknown Report

Indigo youngsters. Parents believing that their youngsters have tremendous powers as a result of they’re appearing like brats. Sure, let’s not solely inform the bratty youngsters that they’re higher than everybody, however let’s additionally put them with the opposite brats. I’m certain this would possibly not finish badly.

Secretly_psycho Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread My aunt and uncle are and have been big supporters of the “if you just give them a video game then they’ll be quiet forever” so my 6-year previous cousin has completely no social expertise and is a troublesome, struggling first grader however is alright at taking part in Angry Birds and Minecraft.

unknown Report

Pushing your youngsters to carry dwelling flawless experiences. Had a pal my sophomore yr of highschool (straight A scholar, further curricular stuff) with strict mother and father clearly residing vicariously via her- who blew her head off along with her dad’s shotgun sitting on the kitchen desk as a result of it was close to finals week, her grades had been plummeting and the one boyfriend she’s ever had had simply damaged up along with her 3 days prior. I’d wish to introduce a brand new parenting development; Talking to your youngsters, listening and understanding.

brendonlc123 Report

Rewarding your youngsters for EVERYTHING. I’m all for giving your youngster one thing particular in the event that they bought an A+ or one thing alongside these strains, however rewarding your youngster for on a regular basis duties corresponding to doing homework and consuming with out complaining is a horrible concept. These are issues they need to be doing in any case! If my expertise as a nanny has taught me something it is that this development solely spoils your youngster.

Edit: I’d similar to to clear one thing up. Let’s take me for instance. Growing up I did not get rewarded for doing regular each day issues like studying, working towards my instrument, doing homework, organising the desk, consuming my dinner….and so forth. I do not imply to be boastful however I used to be a reasonably simple youngster, hardly ever did I ever complain about doing these items as a result of they had been merely anticipated of me, similar to they had been anticipated of my mom as a baby and so forth (plus I knew there have been penalties if I did not) I did not have any associates who bought little rewards on a regular basis so to me it was regular.

Now, I’ve taken care of two units of youngsters who I imagine had been spoiled past perception due to this method, until they get a reward they refuse to do something that’s requested of them, I imply ANYTHING. Meanwhile, a number of years again I took care of some youngsters with out this reward system they usually had been an absolute delight. Never needed to repeat myself twice, they did what was requested of them. Forgive me if I’m unsuitable, it could possibly be like a few of you might be saying, it relies on the child. I can guarantee you although, I will not be following this development anytime quickly.

piperxleo Report

Oversharing private photos and details about their youngsters on-line/on social media. Your youngster is entitled to privateness as a lot as anybody else and posting all these images and particulars about them on-line is not a sensible determination for his or her confidentiality and security.

MissInfer Report

During the harambe mess, a pal of mine advised somebody that his opinion was irrelevant as a result of he did not have youngsters.

mike33385 Report

Assuming your child processes every little thing the identical manner you do — and correcting their behaviors which are preference-based and never essentially “unsuitable.

poorcirculation Report

Not having children wear seat belts & better yet, toddlers weren’t in car seats!!

Punky13 Report

Making your kid do tons of extracurriculars, we all want our kids to succeed in life but they deserve to have a childhood and do things they want!

Talk to your kids, explain when they didn’t something wrong rather than just screaming at them.

sketchbooktown Report

Not knocking “because what if the kid is secretly running a highly illegal business in there” Like please, knock. It will save you and your kids from discomfort.

ScoobyLex Report

Modern day: Parents assuming that once a child hits school age that it’s the schools responsibility to raise them. These same parents then get angry when their child is punished by the school.
See this FAR too often.

mrbios Report

Taking your kid’s side when he’s being an a****le to strangers. DO your job and educate your kid so I don’t have to punch him in the face.

MysticalJoy Report

Always coddling your kid and act like they can never do anything wrong.

Obviously you shouldn’t go overboard with beeing strict, but as a parent it is your job to guide them and equip them with whatever they need to success in life.

dnnzu_bb Report

As a former nanny-permissive parenting passed off as gentle parenting. Children need boundaries!

Also I’m a big believer in letting children be bored sometimes; every moment of their day doesn’t need to be structured with activities. Independent play fosters their creativity.

tmariexo Report

‘Aesthetic’ parenting. I hate when parents have to make their kids nursery’s, playrooms etc all aesthetically pleasing with cohesive beige colour schemes and all wood effect. These are the same parents that’ll dress their kids like tiny adults, in incredibly expensive outfits that look dull as all hell and aren’t suitable for running around or doing kid stuff.

TooHardToSupposeOfIdentify Report

Parent of teens here! All of my kids have had a friend that stayed the night at our house because the friend missed curfew at home and wasn’t allowed in the house. I don’t get it. Punishing the kid for missing curfew is totally acceptable. But not letting them in their own house in the middle of the night? What good can possibly come from that? My own kids rarely missed their curfew but when they did, they knew that they could come home, to a safe place, and face the consequences the next day.

notcreative1001 Report

Not giving kids privacy or personal space. I have teenagers and unless they give me a reason not to trust them, I don’t rummage around in their rooms or secretly read their texts.

Mysandwich44 Report

The thing the Kennedys did where they lobotomized their daughter without anesthetic is probably up there.

TheMentelgen Report

Sheltering them from music that they don’t want them to listen to. like for example, the parent only allows radio Disney. What if the kid who is 8 doesn’t like it? That’s not fair to the kid to not be allowed to explore and get their own taste. Glad my mom never sheltered

wrestlechick Report

Making your kids a social media account that you run. Children don’t need to be exposed to any of that.

virgo_em Report

Over coddling and doing everything for your kids instead of giving them some responsibility and letting them fail or struggle a little bit. I think it’s called “lawnmower parenting” and some parents even do these things with their adult children:

1. Calling the teacher every time your kid gets a low grade

2. Helping with homework too much

3. not giving kids any age-appropriate chores

4. Red-shirting your kids

5. Calling your kids employer on their behalf to call in sick

6. Doing everything for your kids like cleaning their room, doing their laundry, picking up after them, calling to make all their appointments, etc

Team_CoffeeWithCream Report

Wanting to be “associates” with their kids. It really pisses me off. Parents that won’t challenge, question or correct poor behaviour.

I’ve got three boys to raise and my attitude has always been – I’m your dad. I’m not your friend. I have friends you have friends. We can be friends when you’re old enough to buy me a beer and I’ve done the sort of parenting that means I want to have a beer with you.

nizza212 Report

73 Of The Worst Parenting Trends According To People In This Thread Publicly shaming your kids. If you do that s**t you are an as****le and a disgusting human being.

Prannke Report

Not letting your kids walk to and back from school. Somehow “freerange” is a trend. In Europe, at least France, it is the norm as it SHOULD be. Then you don’t understand why you get irresponsible obese kids in the US. Let them go outside, let them exercise, let them experience.

Lamantins Report

The “boy mom” thing. It seems to have started out as a cute meme but now seems to be a cultish parental style rooted in Oedipus complex weirdness that I can’t quite understand and don’t really want to.

mmkaytheniguess Report

I’ve seen videos of parents letting their child’s be free spirits. The child chooses what to eat, when to go to bed, and how much school work to do. One video a child had ice cream for breakfast and was “homeschooled”.

happysmize Report

Never listening to your child. The whole children need to be seen and not heard schtick, f**ked up my social skills a whole lot with my parents and people.

Excelgirl200 Report

Using tracking devices on your kids car or phone. Sorry but that’s creepy and only [messes] up their ability to trust anyone.

Fuckyou62 Report

I work at a childcare facility and the parents with younger kids dose their juice and milk with Miralax. Daily. It’s so freaking weird and it’s NO WONDER they’re having issues pooping. They have no idea what it feels like to naturally do it.

G_Ram3 Report

Gently asking kids to do s**t they have ZERO capacity to do or even understand. Your kid won’t move out in front of the store door, and it’s not the next customer’s fault that they fell down because they were in front of the door. Stop letting your kids run around restaurants like you’re renting the f**king place and TEACH THEM TO SIT AND EAT WITH THEIR F**KING FAMILY.

unknown Report

The absolute f**king venom if someone disagrees with your parenting choices. There’s no such thing as a simple disagreement any more.

waterbuffalo750 Report

‘Enriching’ every single moment of your kids’ lives. THAT is how you get burned out parents. Throw the little buggers outside with two sticks and rock. And make ’em share the rock!

treemanswife Report

Using cutesy language/ non- proper terms for body parts, things etc…

I worked in the elementary school system for a while and the amount of cutesy code names parents taught their kids for body parts, especially genitalia was alarming. I understand when kids are young they may not know words for common things (and I’m not taking about kids with learning differences) but your 4th grader choosing to call his penis his “wee-wee” and his mom calls to complain that I’m vulgar when I had to ask him to clarify….parent’s need to knock that s**t all the way off.

m100896 Report

Stranger danger. Taught kids to fear strangers and the man hiding in the bushes. When in reality the danger to kids is usually from the people they know. Uncles, teachers, priests, etc.

drauxif Report

Parents being scared of children. Your kid will be a f**kup if you think you need to be their friend. When I was a boy I was showed tough love, but it gave me skills I needed. Stop letting the kids be in control.

KannabisNOLA Report

Zero negative reinforcement, and talking out / negotiating every disagreement with the kid. Sometimes the answer is just plain “No.”

I watched my friend spend 15 minutes patiently explaining to her five year old over and over again that she didn’t have any candy for him, and he needed to wait until they got home to where they had candy. None of her explanations satisfied him. He just fake cried harder and harder the more she pleaded with him and explained how sorry she was. I was like why tf are you even saying you’re sorry?? He’s not going to die if he has to wait a few minutes for candy. By the time she finished bargaining with him for 15 min, they could’ve gotten home already. It was so painful.

5leeplessinvancouver Report

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