73% Of America’s Food Waste Traced To Really Messy Toddler

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WASHINGTON—According to a report launched Wednesday by USDA’s Economic Research Service, 73% of meals waste within the United States may be traced again to 1 actually messy toddler. “Our collected data show that almost three quarters of the 60 billion tons of food thrown out every year in this country is due to 2-year-old fussy eater Ella McGeary of Waukesha, WI,” stated Anna Bornstein, lead creator of the report, explaining that the $160 billion value of meals that goes uneaten within the U.S. was principally because of one little one who instantly overturns each bowl of Cheerios or banana slices she receives all through the day. “In fact, waste has skyrocketed in the last year and a half since McGeary was introduced to solid foods. The vast majority of applesauce in this country that could have helped feed families in need is instead being flung onto walls after McGeary knocks spoon after spoon out of her mother’s hand, and 16 tons of Goldfish crackers alone are being sent to landfills annually after being swept off the floor around the toddler.” Bornstein added that serving smaller parts and praising McGeary when she shouldn’t be being messy may minimize down on America’s meals waste by 30 billion tons per year.

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