40 Times People Were Shamed Online For Being Idiots During The Pandemic

We additionally managed to get in contact with David M. Allen, M.D., a professor of psychiatry on the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and co-editor of Groupthink in Science. According to him, in terms of individuals who unfold misinformation and label the pandemic a hoax, that is virtually all the time as a result of groupthink.

“In order to be considered part of a group, which has evolutionary survival value and so is, in my opinion, written into our genetic code (although we are able to choose to not do this and think critically, but there is usually a significant social cost), we often must go along with views that are held as central by our kin or social group,” he defined.

Allen talked about that groupthink additionally includes plenty of what one creator referred to as Willful Blindness — avoiding any data that contradicts the group norms. “Paradoxically, in order to do this, one has to know where not to look, meaning that the individual has to know where it is, which in turn means that they actually have looked at it,” the professor added.

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