30 Of The Most Impressive Architectural Ideas Inspired By Simple Everyday Objects (New Pics)

Only the most uncreative of people could say that it’s impossible to find inspiration in everyday life. No matter how dull our daily lives may be, the things we experience the most, namely the general existential milieu of our lives, often come as inspiration if we look at them from another perspective. The most creative people usually thrive even in the harshest of conditions, which is the boredom of routine and the commonness of our environment. Even there, there lies a tiny lesson or a bit of inspiration, one only has to have keen eyes to see it.

Judging by what has been said in the previous paragraph, Felipe de Castro definitely has a set of keen eyes on him. Even the simplest object comes to life in a new light once he starts to improvise a building sketch based on them. Some of these are so brilliantly designed that many would love to see them come to life in reality.

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