30 Hilarious Tweets That Define The Dry Scottish Sense Of Humor (New Pics)

You’ve most likely heard of the notoriously humorous British humorousness, or American comedy that cracks everybody up laughing, from guests of the well-known comedy cellars to viewers of legendary sitcoms like Seinfield and Friends.

But many is probably not conversant in the Scottish humorousness, one thing a whole nook of Reddit with 766k members has devoted itself to. Named Scottish People Twitter, the subreddit is a spot for a number of the hilarious issues Scots have posted on-line, and it is pure comedy gold we didn’t know we would have liked.

“Scots typically have a darkish, dry, and direct humorousness,” Veloglasgow, the moderator of the community, told Bored Panda sometime ago. So it’s virtually impossible not to like it! More Scottish People Twitter gems can be found in our previous features right here and right here.

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