12 of the best Christmas leftover sandwich ideas to make at home 

1. The Traditional

Fresh white sliced pan, butter and mayo, thinly sliced turkey, followed by ham, a crumble of stuffing, a smear of cranberry sauce. 

2. The Triple Decker

Three slices of bread, one toasted. On one slice, smear mayo, mustard of choice, turkey, ham, salad leaves. Add the toast layer, coleslaw, pickled onion and some sharp Cheddar. Cover with the last slice of bread, and slice. 

3. The Carvery

Two slices of bread, butter and mayo. Flatten two cold roast potatoes and add to the bread. Add turkey, ham stuffing and gravy. Cover with the second slice of bread and slice. 

4. The Spicy One

A wrap, smeared with mayo and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce. Shred turkey, ham and scatter over with some thinly sliced cucumber or cucumber pickle. Top with salad leaves, drizzle with a little lime juice and serve. 

5. The Club

Three slices of granary bread, one toasted. Spread each piece of bread with mayo and a smear of cranberry sauce. On the first slice, layer turkey, ham and a little iceberg lettuce. Top with the toast layer and on top of that, layer stuffing, crispy bacon and sliced ripe tomatoes. Top with the final layer of bread, slice and serve. 

6. The Christmas Croque

Two slices of bread buttered generously and followed with Dijon mustard. Layer ham, turkey and sharp Cheddar and sandwich together. If you have bechamel sauce or four-cheese sauce in your fridge, spread the top layer with this and follow with a grating of Parmesan. If not, skip this step. In a pan, melt a knob of butter until foaming and fry your sandwich on one side until golden. If you have bechamel sauce, place it under the grill until bubbling. If not, Flip your sandwich and grate over more Parmesan and cook, turning once more until golden and crispy. 

7. The Melt

Two slices of bread, spread with mayo and pesto. On top of the first slice of bread, layer turkey, ham and cheese of your choice. Cover with the second slice, spread mayo on either side and fry in a little butter until crispy and the cheese has melted. 

8. The Veggie Feast

Two slices of sourdough, spread with cranberry and a little onion relish. Layer your favourite cheese, some pickles of your choice and rocket or spinach. Toast if you like or eat as it is. 

9. The Rueben

Two slices of sourdough spread with mayo. Layer spiced beef and sauerkraut and finish with a slather of Dijon mustard. 

10. The Cobb

Two slices of bread spread with mayo and cranberry sauce. Layer turkey, ham, sliced boiled eggs and iceberg lettuce. 

11. The Fried One

Two slices of bread, spread with butter and mustard. Layer cheese, ham, turkey and stuffing. Spread the outer layers of the bread with butter and mayo. Fry over a low to medium heat until crispy and the cheese is melted. 

12. The Coronation

Mix mayo with curry powder, a little lemon juice and either chopped apple or some raisin and check for seasoning. Spread over toast or crackers and top with rocket or watercress. 

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