10 Sharktastic Facts About Sharks

4. Greenland sharks may live to be over 500 years old.

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5. An Italian shark movie stole footage from the Jaws movies. 

It was called Cruel Jaws, but was marketed as Jaws 5 in all jurisdictions where they could get away with it. 

6. Yao Ming helped destroy Chinese demand for shark fin soup. 

Shark finning involves cutting the fins off 100 million sharks a year and then discarding the rest of the shark, letting the maimed shark flounder and die. 

7. Sharknado was shot in just 18 days. 

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8. In Australia, sharks can walk. 

The epaulette shark wakes on coral when the tide goes out then walks for an hour despite not being able to breathe air. 

9. There’s this fact you might have heard, that says falling coconuts kill more pope annually than sharks.

That fact is nonsense, originated with just two cases of coconuts hitting people, and spread largely thanks to someone selling coconut insurance

10. A killer whale scared a shark into fleeing to Hawaii. 

When an orca sank its teeth into one great white shark near San Francisco, every shark in the area fled, and one fled west 2,000 miles

Top image: Hermanus Backpackers

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